About Judy

judyfoxI was born in New York City in 1947. That year begins to seem like a long time ago – before there were computers, video games, the internet, cell phones or even commercial jets. It was a time when black and white television was just beginning and my early memory is watching “Howdy Doody.”

I spent a good part of my life in what could be called the spiritual dimension – meditating and working at meditation centers for ten years and then being part of a spiritual community for over 25 years where among many other things, I oversaw all printings, copyrighting, helped with graphic design and interior decorating.

I always loved to write and kept a journal from the age of eight years old. I threw away many of these journals that I kept when young.

I helped care for my dear mom at the end of her life over a period of six years. She died in June, 2015. She was 99 years old. I still miss her a lot. I wrote an essay every two weeks for four years about this period called “When the Table Turns” which I intend to put together into a book one day soon.

Around 2008, I took an art class for late bloomers that began with doodling, something I have been doing since young, and that started my artistic endeavors.

In 2015, as I mention in my first blog, I watched a film on Facebook called “Planetary” and I knew I had to get involved and put my head and heart into areas I had not wanted to go before.

I feel in many ways very young, like my life is just starting over, and yet I am also aware I have lived very fully, have gained a lot of life experience and understanding, and there is a sense of falling into my self… at last.