Dissolving all Edges and Boundaries

May 22, 2022

In my last two essays, I’ve segued into writing about what sustains, nourishes and uplifts me during these troubled times and in particular about a group I’ve been involved in for the last eleven plus years called the Evolutionary Collective led by the modern mystic and visionary Patricia Albere. I’ve been sharing about a practice we do that, as I wrote, “isn’t something we have done before. It’s a new practice, the Mutual Awakening Practice, that is tapping into an evolutionary wave of profound and intimate oneness. It holds so much promise and possibility for a new kind of human being. A new way of being together.”

The beauty of the Mutual Awakening Practice is, not only is each practice always different, but depending upon who one practices with, each pairing has a different aroma, a different flavor. It’s like if you combined oxygen with carbon, it would be very different from oxygen and hydrogen. One creates carbon dioxide; the other water. Those molecular differences are big.

In the mutual awakening practices, the differences in the combinations of people are much more subtle, more refined. It can’t be pinned down in words – too amorphous – but we can still sense and feel it.

With one partner, for example, we might go to an unspeakable depth of silence – nowhere and everywhere, merged into a cavern of holy no-thing-ness – calling forth the desire to bow down in eternal prayer. With another pairing, there might be so much light, delight, lightheartedness with an undercurrent, whether expressed or not, of joyous laughter and innocence. It would be as though we were drinking in pure mountain air that enlivens and buoys up our spirit.

Lightness, depth, innocence, joy, even sorrow can all be there in any pairing and still there is some distinction; some difference between the two flavors of being.

When we do this practice, the words tumble out afterwards, after we sense, feel and touch into the space.  Then the words come. Sometimes, they come slowly, carefully, deliberately and other times they come gushing out. Sometimes it’s only a single word, at first, or perhaps an image or even some revelatory thought as we sense into this shared unified space.

Recently the image came, after we had been practicing together for a while, that we were like two monks meeting on some high mountain, monastery or hermitage. Stark and beautiful like the sound of a low horn being blown into the wind. It was as if we had been in this place for a very long time – eons – filled with reverence and silence. And then for the first time, after eons of not speaking, we uttered some words. They came out slowly…no hurry. There was a delicate care for each syllable being pronounced as we met face to face, heart to heart, in this sacred hallowed “ground.”

It was extraordinary.

In this reality that we are exploring together, there is no weight, nothing to work out, nothing to solve, no karma. Just a depth of oneness and love.

You might ask: Is this really possible?

It becomes clear that some new way of being together wants to be known and expressed and lived.

I look back at my history having been a serious, dedicated, Buddhist meditator for ten years; then part of a spiritual community led by a guru for over 25 years and in many ways, I think it was all in preparation for this. All leading to this practice; more than this practice, this reality of Oneness that is ever deepening, widening, expanding…dissolving all edges and boundaries.



    1. What a joy to read your words – sharing and expressing with artistry the unnameable.
      All love – all ways – always – Patricia

    1. beautiful to read, beautifully written. I have a better understanding. love, pk

      1. Thank you Phyllis. Good to hear that you have a better understanding from reading this.

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