Climate Change poem: Loud and Clear by Uli Nagel

April 20, 2017

Written by Guest blogger Uli Nagel


Loud and Clear

I climbed the hill behind the house

Slipping on years and years of leaves

piled high on the steep forest floor.


I huff-puffed

the winter sloth

into the first breeze of spring,

and reached the top

of the rocky drop

into a valley

that belongs to maples;


a spontaneous reserve

on acres of abandoned paper mill,

sweet, untouched nature since the day

someone had dropped a tire there.


On the road below

A motor-bike roars: “ready to go”

Into the mild, soft air.


In front of me, below,

the tall straight maples are still,

so quiet, and that is strange

this time of year.


Just then I notice,


I did not listen hard enough,

No, soft enough,

to find the songbird’s octaves here.


They’re hidden in the cycle’s roar

just like the tiny

bodies in the trees.



      1. Beautiful touching poem that makes us aware how far we hsve gone in overriding the depth, beauty and intelligence of the sacred nature .It is time we start respecting and listening to this right order because it is us! We can.t separate ourselves because if we do we are destroying ourselves .thank you Uli Nagel and thank you Spotlight planet earth !Geesje

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