“One Thing You Can Do” – the first in a series of short essays inspired by the New York Times

November 14, 2018

Jump in Wholeheartedly

As someone who is relatively new in responding to our climate breakdown, the one thing I would recommend for those who are concerned is to find organizations that you feel a connection with and/or write to individuals that you admire, who are doing work to sustain life, and ask their advice on what you can do.

I give myself as an example.  After seeing a film called “Planetary,” which begins with a few astronauts looking down at our beautiful planet for the first time in awe, and then zooms down to our planet where we see wide-spread devastation, I knew I had to do something. 

Where had I been? I felt like the veils had fallen from my eyes.

What did I do? I wrote to James Hansen, the renowned climate scientist, introduced myself and asked him what actions he would suggest. Remarkably, he wrote me back the next day and advised me to join an organization called Citizens Climate Lobby.

I checked out their website and listened to their introductory call. Their bipartisan approach appealed to me with their emphasis on listening with respect and with their focus on passing a carbon fee and dividend bill in Congress.

 I joined and have been involved ever since. It’s a slow but steady process of forming relationships and being purpose-driven and patient. Thankfully I also see noticeable results every year.

My advice then in a nutshell is to choose an organization that you resonate with and jump in wholeheartedly.