“One Thing You Can Do” – The Fourth in a series of short essays

November 18, 2018

Responding in the Biggest Possible Way

The New Deal was a response to the Great Depression of 1932.  Because the USA was in such dire straits, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, responded with policies and programs that were in many ways radical. It has been referred to as the 3 R’s –relief, recovery and reform. Relief for the poor and unemployed, recovery of the economy and reform of the financial system.  

Fast forward to 2018, and we now have a “re-invention” of the New Deal with a new youth movement, The Sunrise Movement, in response to our ailing planet. FDR responded in many ways to the forgotten and the Sunrise Movement, with a platform called the Green New Deal, is also in response to the “forgotten” youth who are inheriting a dying planet.

I am very inspired by this group that now has a momentum and a possibility to address this crisis in the biggest way. They have the “ears” and some support already of some of the representatives in Congress including John Lewis, and they have a well-documented platform of what they want to accomplish. The IPCC report said that we only have a few years to act before it will be way too late.

Given all this, if there is one thing that you can do today, it is to support this movement in any way you can. Support through financial donation, support through calling your representatives in congress, support through joining the movement and finding out what you can do. Their link is https://www.sunrisemovement.org/

    1. It is too late to do feely-goody stuff. Take your money, and build a good well hidden underground shelter, stockpile it with food enough to last through the Nuclear Volcanic Winter that the Republicans and others are going to initiate in a few years to refreeze the Arctic. If you have made it to the other side and have not been killed by rioters trying to steal your food you can start farming if you are far enough south. Try to get below 32 or 33 degrees Latitude in an area where there is rainfall to water your crops; otherwise, you are at the hands of nature, and we do not know if the climate will be like it was in 1900 or 1910 even though the Global Average Surface temperature was down to 13.6 degrees Celsius back then.

    1. 350ma just adopted the New Green Deal as its framework for next two years – very exciting

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