“One Thing You Can Do” – the third in a series of short essays

November 15, 2018

Don’t Look Away

Please don’t look away. If you only have one thing to do, look at a wonderful blog site like the Yale Climate Change Communications website (http://climatecommunication.yale.edu/) or Grist (https://grist.org/) where one can read articles on or in response to climate change, listen to  podcasts or watch a short video. Or one can read a book on climate that grabs your attention, and even if it gets difficult, keep reading it to the end. Don’t stop; don’t look away.

 I looked away for many years and then one day – the details aren’t really that important because it will be different for everyone – I could not look away anymore. I had to face reality. I had to find out. I consciously even chose to read a book on climate change that I knew would be difficult, but I did it. My head had been in the sand way too long. It was time to pull it out.

I have no idea and probably neither do you what will happen when you stop looking away; that is assuming you are looking away. I’m not about to give advice on that level, because it’s different for everyone and there is no one answer. What is important, I think, is to not turn away, not avoid and then see what will unfold, how you may want to respond.

The outrageous and unconventional American novelist, Henry Miller once said, “Don’t look away. Look straight at everything. Look it all in the eye, good and bad.” This is my simple advice today.

    1. This is great Judy, and an ongoing practice. Even as a so-called activist it can be easy to look away. Letting the truth work on us takes not looking away.

      1. Thanks Uli and yes, it’s true, it is an on-going practice to not look away and as you say, “Let the truth work on us.” love, Judy

    1. Thanks for the support in not looking away. I need it! Judy Gitelson

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